VULNERABILITIES AND CONFLICT TO PEACEBUILDING: With human rights operations of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR)--Winnipeg is becoming a leading peacebuilding hub in Canada. Increased number of immigrants and refugees are choosing Winnipeg as their future home. CRRIC is proud to serve world communities' peacebuilding and social well-being research needs from Winnipeg.

RESILIENCE AND SURVIVAL STRATEGIES: Humans nowadays are more vulnerable to ecocide, genocide, extermination, abuse, and displacement than any other times in history. Many are forced to constantly adapt and re-adapt, often through unsustainable measures, that arrest their capacity and resilience to cope with vulnerabilities. Canada serves global communities' livelihood and survival efforts through research and intervention supports

SECURITY AND SAFETY-NET: Unconventional forms of terrorism and radicalism are on the rise globally. No communities are immune to threats of widespread violence and massacre. Political interventions are failing, and people are favouring human-sensitive approaches towards conflict resolution, and peacebuilding.